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Mały Podróżnik Nursery School in cooperation with Impressio-Med Dental Clinic

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Dear Parents!

We all know how important it is to take care of teeth and oral health of our children.

Every day we try to motivate our children to develop healthy habits and proper hygiene of the small smileys :). It is very important to start such an education from an early age.

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Mały Podróżnik PrzedszkoleIn order to meet those needs and continue the good habits in children brought from home Mały Podóżnik Nursery School cooperates with dental clinic Impressio-Med Dentistry.
Dr. Ewa Sabiniewicz-Rokicka, an expert in the field of pediatric dentistry (pedodontics) pays special concern on this important project, which message is to provide comprehensive dental care in the early years of childhood. In her opinion ensuring proper medical care for children- including dental one - is one of the major tasks of the parents. Conducted thoroughly and regularly dental care for a child is one of the key factors determining the health of not only the teeth and oral cavity, but also of the entire body in later human life.


Good dental care for children is based on five principles:

1.      Establishing motivating and friendly contact with the patient

2.   Collaboration with the patient and the parents

3.      Education of the patient and parents in the area of good hygiene

4.      Observing the way and composition of diet

5.      Regularity of the appointments

These five above mentioned factors determine whether dental care will be carried out with the benefit for the young patient, and thus - if he or she will avoid traumatic and unpleasant memories of dental visits. In Impressio-Med, combining the experience and the skills of our team, we believe that we offer our patients a seamless and successful dental care.

Establishing motivating and friendly contact with the patient

ENdobranajomThis aspect is often underestimated, but no less important than any other. Good atmosphere and bond of cooperation established between the child and the doctor allows seamless contact during subsequent visits, and most importantly - a stressless prophylaxis and treatment - both for the young patient and the parent. It is hard to overestimate the moments in which a child just wants to go to his/her dentist, and after the appointment encourages parents to implement the recommendations obtained during a meeting with a doctor. Many studies have shown that it really is just the mental attitude of children plays a 70% role in achieving therapeutic success in the form of avoiding caries and regular dental care. Special accessories that we offer in Impressio-Med for our patients are handy in this process: flavoured toothpastes creating fun for children while brushing their teeth, the sonic toothbrush defining the optimum cleaning time and tablets staining the plaque are just some of the elements that increase the effectiveness of taking care of oral hygiene at home.

Cooperation with the patient and the parents

ENwspolpraca-podstawaFirst visit to the dentist does not need to be fraught with negative associations and memories! This is achieved by adaptive visit - a visit carried out by the dentist with extensive experience in working with the youngest patients. Pedodontist (specialist in the treatment of dental and oral diseases in children) during such visits familiarises the child with used instruments, way of moving of the dental chair, lights and stuffed animals accompanying each visit. Everything is connected with a smile and fun among child, parent, medical and dental assistants, allowing you to produce good contact and understanding between the patient and medical team members. The cooperation of these three pieces of the puzzle: the patient, the parents and the doctor is very important also to implement the recommendations made in the house during the visit. These may include, for example, regularly brushing your teeth together with the child, the use of specific substances and medications for oral health or setting new dietary habits at home to prevent spreading of tooth decay among children.

Education of the patient and parents in the area of good hygiene

ENchmura10Besides preserving the relevant principles of healthy nutrition and frequent visits to the dentist, daily work to keep the teeth and the entire oral cavity in good condition is crucial. In this very enigmatic wording hides the usual daily tooth brushing and the use of suitable materials to strengthen tooth enamel and remove excess food debris from hard to reach surfaces. It is often desirable to use a paste with a reduced content of fluorine - especially among children with a tendency to swallow the toothpaste. Although for many of us it's obvious, we remind also the parents of the need to use separate brushes for each family member - this is important because tooth decay is a bacterial disease - an infectious one, so a baby can catch it from bacteria moved from our mouth onto his/her teeth. Therefore, you should avoid drinking from the same bottle, chewing a few of the same food, kissing children's mouth or licking of the soother.

Observing the way and composition of diet

ENdietaEvery day we may not be aware of the fact that apart from the nutritional value of food, we should also be sure that food offered to children is safe for teeth and shaped according to the movements in the field of biomechanics of the masticatory system - the muscles controlling the movements of the mandible (lower jaw ), tongue, and temporomandibular joints. To develop all these elements work correctly with no future problems, implementation of good dietary habits often becomes a subject raised with parents during visits to the dentist. We often do not think about the fact that the meals served every day for children are carbohydrates, or sugars that provide the perfect breeding ground for bacteria damaging the enamel of the permanent and deciduous teeth. A kind of a danger is also providing sweetened beverages to the children that collect their burden not only in the form of obesity among people under 18 years old, but also in multipoint caries resulting from a sweet liquid  "getting stuck" on hard-to-reach jteeth surfacesy.

The need for regular visits

ENchmurafluoJust like in many aspects of life, also in dentistry and medicine introduction of regularity has its reasonable ground. Cyclical reporting on the appointments will allow us not only to detect early disease processes begining and intervene at an early stage, but also protect and strengthen the enamel of healthy teeth during scheduled fluoridation. It is very important that especially at an early age provide this kind of encouraging the natural protective coating of teeth, because the processes of developing caries in primary teeth may follow damage developing buds underneath of the permanent teeth. Then a loss for a young patient is double and has consequences far into the future. In Impressio-Med we organise regular reminders to the patients about the approaching date when the inspection visit should take place - thanks to it We relieve parents from the obligation to remember all the many dates!


All five elements of our care for the youngest patients is just the begining of the great road that starts from the moment you cross the doorstep of our clinic. For all patients - both the older and younger - we provide a comfortable waiting room, registration with qualified medical workers, and a team of dental hygienists always ready to help in training of dental hygiene. For any questions I will gladly answer by email or during a consultation visit.

See you in Impressio-Med!

Dr Ewa Sabiniewicz-Rokicka