About us

Let us invite you to visit our clinic Impressio-Med, where Ewa Sabiniewicz-Rokicka, MD and her versatile team of high-class specialists in all fields of dentistry share a wealth of experience combined with genuine passion.

​Smile. Skill. Energy! These are the words that best convey the guiding principles underpinning the work ethics of Ewa Sabiniewicz-Rokicka, MD and the whole medical team at Impressio-Med. They play an important role in creating a unique character of the clinic – medical facility chosen by the most informed and demanding patients.

We have a cozy dentist’s office at our disposal, equipped with the most technologically advanced medical equipment, conveniently located in the Warsaw district of Mokotów.


4 principles that underpin our practice:

  • Patient Satisfaction  

    Our ultimate goal is our patient satisfaction.
    We fully realize that the goal of therapy is achieved
    only when the patient is perfectly satisfied.
    We are committed to providing comfort and sense of security.
    Such has been our practice for many years, we demonstrate
    passion and commitment – our services and your satisfaction
    are 100% guaranteed.

  • Individual Patient Case

    Case In Impressio-Med we promote  treatment tailored
    to our patients individual needs. We favor idividual  
    therapy programs adjusted to your schedule and current
    financial situation.

  • Specialist Care

    Irrespective of our patient’s age, we always treat our patients
    with full commitment, offer patient-oriented approach to each
    individual who entrusts his health with us. We are convinced that
    treatment is much more than just specialty care by experienced
    and highly trained practitioners, which is why we dedicate so much time for diagnosis. We are at your disposal Monday to Friday
    between 9:00 and 20:00 and following the first visit, the doctors will make themselves available also after our regular working

  • The Highest Standard of Medical Care

    Convinced of our services highest standard, what we have on offer is the result of work and passion of numerous renowned
    practitioners  of all specialty areas of dentistry. Our objective is to maintain therapy standard along with full patient satisfaction.

In Impressio-Med your treatment will be provided by a team of specialists who have earned a well deserved reputation of being the best in Warsaw.

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