In Impressio-Med Dental Clinic four qualified dental assisstants wait for you to facilitate your visit.

Sabina, Gabriela, Monika, and Joanna are persons with wide experience in dentistry. All four of them are characterised by kindness in contacts with patients and professional approach to their duties.


Asystentka Sabina Krzosa


Asystentka Gabriela Głowacka

Assistant Sabina Krzosa


Assistant Gabriela Głowacka

Certified dental hygienist. A dental assistant with over 10 years of professional experience. She coordinates the treatment process conducted by specialists, thanks to which each patient can feel under exceptional care in our clinic. The preventive treatments she carries out ensure treatment stability.


In Impressio-Med, he assists with dental procedures
(surgery, orthodontics, conservative dentistry).

Full of passion and commitment to the duties performed, she is a hygienist and dental assistant. You can recognize her by the radiant smile and joy flowing from her face while performing her duties. Always on time and ready to take on new challenges.


At Impressio-Med, he assists with dental procedures
(conservative dentistry, prosthetics, surgery).


Asystentka Monika Herncisz


Asystentka Joanna Pietrzak

Assistant Monika Herncisz


Assistant Joanna Pietrzak

Dental assistant and certified hygienist with extensive experience.

Each patient is a separate challenge for her, which she devotes herself entirely to. A refuge of professionalism and support for the entire team.


At Impressio-Med, she assists with dental procedures in the field of orthodontics.

  Dental assistant and dental hygienist, full of smiles and optimism at work. Focused on the performance of their duties, while presenting a all a lot of empathy and understanding towards patients and coworkers.

In Impressio-Med Joanna assists in orthodontics, endodontics, pedodontics.