Range of services provided by Impressio-Med

We offer individually tailored treatment adapted to your daily schedules and financial situation. We  utilize advanced medical equipment under the supervision and care of our specialists.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of each of the dental fields,  in which we are specialised and realise our Patients'  dreams of a perfect smile. 


stomatologia zachowawcza

Conservative dentistry

With passion, knowledge and experience, utilizing the most advanced materials and diagnostic methods we dedicate ourselves to dental treatment and restoration.

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Occlusion Treatment

In order to restore proper occlusal relations, including treating pathological changes induced by bruxism, we use specialistic diagnostic methods and worldwide acknowledged procedure schemes.

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 In some patients orthodontic treatment may prove indispensable in obtaining a beautiful and harmonious smile. Owing to this treatment we can achieve correction of the bite and teeth abnormalities.

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With utmost sensitivity and precision stemming from our experience and knowledge, we are concerned with ensuring periodontal health, that is structures responsible for maintaining stability and optimum position of the teeth as well as their proper function.

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Dental surgery

Surgical procedures offer a wide range of possibilities in patient assistance both in solutions of the last resort and in preparation for subsequent dental procedures. The current innovative surgical solutions allow to save teeth affected by a wide range of pathologic processes.

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Restoration of dentition defects, either single or plural is vital to maintain the proper function of the oral cavity, harmonious facial features and esthetic smile.

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Cosmetic dentistry

Harmonizing our patients’ beautiful and healthy smile is the common goal and collaborative success achieved by the entire team of Impressio-Med specialists. Our experience and personalized approach to individual patients’ needs enable us to attain the right shape, color, and proper alignment of the teeth.

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Implantology is a novel and effective method aiming at rehabilitation of dental defects allowing patients to achieve great comfort and top quality esthetics. Dental implant is the best investment for replacing the missing tooth.

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Pediatric dentistry

Our clinic stresses the importance of treating the youngest patients who often come into contact  with the dentist for the first time or, worse, whose previous visits at the dentist’s office have been unpleasant.

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Emphasizing the importance of prophylaxis, we apply fluorization and impregnation in order to strengthen the surface of the teeth and protect it from a variety of risk factors.

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Endodontic therapy is concerned with root canal treatment of teeth with serious problems as a result of  deep cavities, mechanical injuries, periodontal diseases or teeth prepared for prosthodontic treatment.

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Dietetics is a fascinating , but little known and regarded medical specialty, which provides information on healthy and rational nutrition. This knowledge is essential both for the healthy ones, as well as for those being ill.

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