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Dental surgery

Surgical procedures offer a wide range of possibilities in patient assistance both in solutions of the last resort and in preparation for subsequent dental procedures. Dental surgery associated uniquely with teeth extractions has irrevocably been consigned to oblivion.


The current innovative surgical solutions allow to save teeth affected by a wide range of pathologic processes. Removing the source of inflammation (resection, hemisection, cyst removal) restores the tooth’s previous function without the need for complete extraction.

Other surgical procedures allow to halt pathological processes or prepare the base for subsequent dental procedures (frenuloplasty, maxillary sinus floor augmentation procedure, exposure of the unerupted tooth for orthodontic treatment).


In Impressio-Med we perform all aspects of dental surgery procedures including the extraction of unerupted teeth. Each surgical procedure is preceded by an insightful radiological examination and is scheduled according to the patient’s consent, comfort and expectations.


In Impressio-Med dental surgery procedures are performed by Dr Adam Jakimiak and dr Kamil Sidorowicz.

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