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In some patients orthodontic treatment may prove indispensable in obtaining a beautiful and harmonious smile. Owing to this treatment we can achieve correction of the bite and teeth abnormalities. Orthodontic treatment, formerly reserved exclusively for young children and adolescents, is now available to patients of all ages thanks to braces.


Aesthetic reasons (correction of dental arch, profile and facial features), preparation for prosthetic or implantation treatment or as therapy combined with periodontal disease treatment, are just some of the indications for orthodontic treatment. Patient following orthodontic consultation and radiologic examination is fully informed about the treatment plan, schedule of follow-up visits and indications crucial both during and following the therapy.


We offer our patients the correction occlusion defects using invisible orthodontic braces Invisalign™. This method is one of the most modern and comfortable for the patient solutions in orthodontic treatment, about which we write more here. One should keep in mind that it is a method of treatment reserved for restricted number of situations, when a mild malocclusion can be corrected this aesthetic and less invasive method (clear orthodontic aligners).


Thanks to the close cooperation of orthodontist and periodontologist in our Medical Team, in the course of orthodontic treatment we may use Piezocision corticotomy (also known as alveolar decortication or accelerated orthodontic treatment). This method allows quick orthodontic treatment and reduces the time to wear braces from 2 years to 6-8 months. More about this method you can find in an article on corticotomy on our website.


Addressing patients’ individual needs also consist in designing adequate orthodontic appliances (often totally imperceptible to human eye!). Treatment outcomes can often be extremely spectacular, this however requires patience and consistency on the patient’s side.


In our team, thanks to the most advanced treatment methods and our experienced staff, this process is pain-free.


In our team Dr Aleksandra Myrda, PhD, and Dr Marzena Makowska-Kaczmarska are responsible for orthodontic treatment.

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