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Endodontic therapy is concerned with root canal treatment of teeth with serious problems as a result of deep cavities, mechanical injuries, periodontal diseases or teeth prepared for prosthodontic treatment. The difficult decision whether to proceed with root canal treatment is always thoroughly and extensively discussed with the patient and takes into consideration the necessity to go ahead with the treatment, subsequent stages of endodontic procedures and ultimately the reconstruction of endodontically treated tooth.


Occasionally a tooth may not be properly fully healed during primary treatment. Such a situation may occur in numerous cases, for example when the anatomical morphology of the tooth is complicated (treatment of narrow or curved root canals, undetected accessory root canals during primary treatment), or when a retreatment in the course of removal of a broken instrument. Especially in such cases a treatment including using a surgical microscope (under the microscope endodontic treatment, microscopic root canal treatment). Such procedures are performed by a dentist trained especially in the field of conservative dentistry and endodontics concerning novel techniques of microscope usage, and filling root canals according to modern up-to-date standards.


We use novel and effective anesthetic techniques to eliminate patient discomfort. Following the visit we supply the patient with precise and comprehensive information on postoperative indications.


In Impressio-Med endodontic therapy is provided by Dr Anna Sitek , Dr Katarzyna Żychowska-Kuligowska, and Dr Ewa Sabiniewicz-Rokicka.

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