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Restoration of dentition defects, either single or plural is vital to maintain the proper function of the oral cavity, harmonious facial features and esthetic smile. The analysis of the patient’s needs and expectations paired with radiological examination results (dental pantograph and CT) enables us to implement top quality prosthetic tooth replacement which is both functional and esthetic in appearance. The best biocompatibility and the natural shine of the implanted material is achieved with the use of metal free prosthetic tooth replacements of the highest standard - all-ceramic crowns (porcelain), porcelain crowns with a Zirconium-based core.


The esthetic effect frequently determines the ultimate patient satisfaction with prosthetic intervention, which is why we value the importance of discussing the methods and material used for the prosthetic replacement. The analysis of patient characteristics, his needs and expectations, our experience and collaboration with the leading prosthetics laboratories guarantees successful outcome of the  intervention.

Dr Magdalena Wereszczynska  and Dr Kamil Sidorowiczare concerned with prosthodontics in our clinic. 

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