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Cosmetic dentistry

Harmonizing our patients’ beautiful and healthy smile is the common goal and collaborative success achieved by the entire team of Impressio-Med specialists.

With the aid of minimally invasive conservative dentistry approach or prosthetic procedures we manage to restore one of the most essential assets in interpersonal relations – the smile - harmoniously integrated with the basic shape and features of the face. Our experience and personalized approach to individual patients’ needs enable us to attain the right shape, color, and proper alignment of the teeth. With the aid of the most advanced diagnostic methods, high-resolution technology (magnifying loupes) and state-of-the-art dental composite materials we succeed in providing the highest quality standards.


In our team cosmetic dentistry is provided by Dr Ewa Sabiniewicz-Rokicka, Dr Kamil Sidorowicz,, and prosthodontist Dr Magdalena Wereszczyńska.

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