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​Implantology is a novel and effective method aiming at rehabilitation of dental defects allowing patients to achieve great comfort and top quality esthetics. Dental implant is the best investment for replacing the missing tooth.


Consultation, analysis of radiological examination (pantomography, computer tomography) and patient’s expectations are essential in the selection of the most suitable implantology solution. Pain-free surgery, short-term healing process, immediate chewing function and esthetic restoration are the most prominent assets of implantology.


Impressio-Med utilizes the most advanced implantology systems tailored to the patient’s individual needs and characteristics. Implants constitute a long-term, often lifelong, solution and what is of utmost importance – they are independently anchored tooth replacements (no need of anchoring on adherent teeth). They are used as single replacements of the missing teeth or could act as a base for more expansive implantology procedures.

In Impressio-Med Dr Adam Jakimiak and Dr Kamil Sidorowicz are in charge of implantology.

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