Finansowanie MediRaty

Sometimes it may happen that the lack of available cash prevents us from choosing the best treatment option. However, health needs are here and now, and delaying adequate therapy may worsen the patient's condition even more. It is not worth the wait, because there is nothing more valuable than health, which, after the development of serious complications of the current problems, cannot be bought.

MediRaty system - convenient financing of treatment

The solution that we propose to our patients in such situations is to use the MediRaty installment program. This convenient form of financing the treatment allows the patient to start therapy even several minutes after making the decision to use this option, and all settlements are made between MediRaty and our clinic. The MediRaty courier determines the form of loan documents that is convenient for the patient, and the distribution of payments over a long period allows you to start treatment without excessive one-time financial effort.

In case of doubts regarding the operation of financial support in the form of the MediRaty system, which facilitates the implementation of an optimal treatment plan and access to extensive medical procedures, the Patient Care Coordinator, a trained receptionist or a dental assistant will be happy to tell you about the procedures related to this system.

MediRaty calculator

We encourage you to use the following MediRaty financial calculator, which will allow you to quickly calculate the amount of the monthly installment after entering the cost of the planned procedure or treatment plan and the preferred number of monthly installments.

MediRaty application

If the Patient has already decided to take advantage of the support of the MediRaty program and Medical Finance Group SA regarding the treatment in our clinic, it will be necessary to complete an application to obtain financing, the form of which can be found below.