Dietetics is a fascinating, but little known and regarded medical specialty that provides information on the healthy and rational nutrition. This knowledge is helpful to healthy ones, including such situations as:
  • attempts to administering organic diet - balancing natural and nutritious meals;
  • in the planning of maternity, to ensure the comfort both for the woman and the growing little one;
  •  when planning a healthy diet for children during their growth to supply all of the components necessary to build the body - the nervous system, bones and muscles;
  •  when trying to lose weight by which our dietitian helps to ensure effective and lasting effect;
  •  whensearching for  ways to improve athletic performance - determining regenerative meals, method of preparation and a proper time of consumption.

Support of a specialist in the field of nutrition is also essential to persons with health problems:
  •  in the case of allergy or food intolerance in composing an eliminative diet, which excludes the food items causing allergies, as well as with preparing the tests for food intolerance;
  • regarding diet related disease - the use of an optimal diet with the help of our dietitian can reduce the risk of developing the disease;
  • the implementation of the plans of mediacal diet as the basis for the therapy.

Proper diet and the formation of correct habits is also necessary to maintain a beautiful and healthy smile, not only in children but also among adults.

In Impressio -Med we are providing opportunity to benefit from dietary consultation for children and adults. Dietary guidelines are based on the personal interview and matched to the needs of each patient.

In Impressio-Med Mrs Monika Mielus, Ph.D. is responsible for Dietetics.
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